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There aren't too many things more exciting than the prospect of a new piece of superhero movie casting - and of the few things that are, The Walking Dead is definitely up there.

So, when I heard that a (admittedly ex-) member of the Walking Dead cast might just be on his way to the big screen - as a leading actor in DC's upcoming Suicide Squad, no less - I'll admit I was...a little over-excited.

Especially since, as it turns out, that actor is the ever-awesome (and one-time Shane) Jon Bernthal...who would - it has to be said - make a pretty perfect Deadshot.

Seen here, being all anti-heroic and such.
Seen here, being all anti-heroic and such.

Now, this one is a long way from a done deal - seeing as it derives entirely from Bernthal's recent comments at Wizard World’s Tulsa Comic Con this past weekend, in which he revealed that he would love to work with his Fury director David Ayer again.

Now, since Ayer is about to direct Suicide Squad, Bernthal was then asked if he had spoken to the director about a role.

To which Bernthal replied that he couldn't discuss whether he had or hadn't...

Which, sadly, he then clarified did not mean he already had a part in the movie, but rather that he couldn't talk about whether or not he had talked about it.

Though, that being said, if he hadn't been in some sort of talks, surely he'd be able to outright deny it?

Or is that just wishful thinking? I mean...he'd be really good as Deadshot.

What do you guys think though?


Would Jon Bernthal make a good Deadshot?

via, Tulsa World


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