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Daniel Johnson

Now that we know that the Last of Us video game is being adapted by Neil Druckmann and Sam Raimi for the big screen, rumors are swirling about the casting process. They are reportedly eyeing Maisie Williams, from Game of Thrones, as their target for the role of Ellie.

Also thrown in the mix for the role of Ellie include The Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence. The plot for the movie is rumored to be only partly based on the game, and it may end up being that the movie is a continuation of the plot of the movie.

It may be based further in the future, after the events of the game have transpired. To set up the story for people who have not played the video game, some plots from the game will have to be incorporated as either flashbacks or plot elements introduced in the first half of the movie. For this reason, the movie would need to also fill the roles of characters like Tess, Sarah, Billy, Marlene, etc.

The roles of Tess and Joel have not been fleshed out, and no real names have emerged as targets for those roles.

I believe that Dylan McDermott, of American Horror Story and Stalker fame, would be the best person to lead the role of Joel. He looks the part, and he has the acting credentials to pull off the role of the male lead in a movie about mold-spore zombies.


Do you think Dylan would make a good Joel in the Last of Us movie?


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