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Naughty Dog have come a long way since the creation of Keef the Thief and Crash Bandicoot; talk about humble beginnings! To think that the likes of the Jack and Daxter, Uncharted and The Last of Us games lay in store for us from this company would have been unthinkable. They have redefined cinematic storytelling in video games forever, and for the better.

For many Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us demonstrate the heights of this company and of the gaming industry itself! But let's imagine for the moment that only one of those series could continue. If you were presented with a choice of The Last of Us 2 over Uncharted 4, which game would you pick?

Uncharted 4 or The Last of Us

Uncharted 4
Uncharted 4

Naturally, we are already well aware that there is an Uncharted 4 on the way, thankfully! It's The Last of Us 2 that I worry about. Of course, if there was a Last of Us 2 in the making, we'd have a very long time to wait, though Naughty Dog has chosen to, understandably, focus their attention on Uncharted 4 for now.

Now, when it comes to choosing between these two series, we are of course all biased. We all have our favourite game, with our own individual preferred style. For those that love a bit of blockbuster fun and excitement, Uncharted was the obvious choice, those that preferred a quieter, deeper character study, The Last of Us was theirs. That of course is not to say that one gamer can jump between both series with ease and delight!

But what I'm interested in discovering, is which "series" is more loved. Has it been too long since the last Uncharted and you're looking forward to the next one? Or are you done with the games? Should The Last of Us be left alone, or are you dying to return to this world?

The Last of Us Art
The Last of Us Art

My bias lies in favour of a return of The Last of Us. I feel like I'm already done with Uncharted, though of course I'm seriously looking forward to Uncharted 4. Though I don't feel I need it. On the other hand, The Last of Us demonstrated a power that I didn't know gaming had. Therefore, I naturally want to have this experience duplicated, though I'm sure the second one would be bogged down by expectation.

Naughty Dog have stated before that they saw The Last of Us as a title they could expand upon (not just in the form of DLC). Here's hopping that the series continues! But for those that would elect Uncharted, what makes it so great for you? How has it changed your notions of video games? This is glorious thing about art, we all have our own individual taste!

Naughty Dog
Naughty Dog

Let me know in the comments which title you would pick for Naughty Dog to make!


Uncharted 4 or The Last of Us 2?


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