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The long-awaited continuation of the Halo TV franchise has come with the premiere of Halo: Nightfall. An interesting start which places Jameson Locke and his team on a mission during a time after the treaty of the humans of Covenant. They wasted no time throwing us straight into the action as the team is caught in a terrorist attack that only reminds us that there can never really be true peace between them. Which is pretty much the unspoken truth unless you have not played Halo 4 yet(go play it).

The plot has been a big question mark when it comes to how Halo: Nightfall connects to the rest of the Halo Universe and its easy. We have our issue of terrorists, trusting the Covenants, the politics, and the mystery behind the Spartans and Aiken. Colonel Aiken is a very angry man who serves as that perfect obstacle for Locke when he stands between them and getting their mission complete. ONI are loners and the tension between anyone who is not them is a problem within itself. Things are clearly going to go wrong which may seem predictable in terms of plot devices, though there is still much room to be surprised when no one knows what to expect from this virus. While this seems like an action heavy show just being Halo, there is also a focus on the scientific side to this situation. While some of it will go over your head, you still take notice of how they don’t fail to emphasize the technological advancements of this time period. The things they can do with that tech is what stands out and it adds a whole new layer of exploration when journeying into that area of the unknown.

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