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From trailer parodies to bad lip readings, [The Walking Dead](series:201193) has been given the royal treatment by creative fans across the internet. Musical parodies, of course, are no exception, and the latest by The Hillywood Show takes a look at the path of Rick Grimes as the show progressed. Combining Queen's Another One Bites the Dust with incredible choreography, the video is tons of fun and even includes a very supernatural guest star - Osric Chau! (You know, 'cause he's from [Supernatural](series:200506), and uh... heh heh.)

While this parody is stellar, it certainly isn't the first - check out some of my favorite "musical" parodies of The Walking Dead!

Fact: Dumb Ways to Die is actually my favorite mobile game right now, so finding this parody of the song that inspired it by teddiefilms was a treat!

Head back to my hometown of New York City for a parody that was made by AVByte in Central Park - and rightly so, because of the broadway-style roots this tune is based on.

Bad Lip Reading is taken to the next level in this weird, nonsensical, and hilarious parody by DaNoobishPCGamer.

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