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Like it or not, [The Big Bang Theory](series:200751) is the number one comedy on television and that means two things: syndication and merchandising. Lego just broke big news relating to the latter. In a contest deciding which new special Lego set would be put in the works, The Big Bang Theory was one of two winners.

That means Sheldon and the rest of his nerdy crew will now be available in Lego form soon. The second winner was a Lego birds set, which will also be put in motion. Third, there is still a possibility that one of the two [Doctor Who](series:200668) ideas that were submitted and voted on could be made as well.

Watch the unveiling below:

This is a pretty big feat for the show. Legos are arguably the most iconic non-electronic toys out there. I just am not sure how interesting or fun building scenes from the show will be.

What do you think?


Will the Big Bang Theory Lego set be a hit?


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