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Directed By: Christopher Nolan.

Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine, Casey Affleck, Wes Bentley and John Lithgow.

When our world is running out of food, Nasa sends 4 astronauts on a mission through a mysterious wormhole near Saturn to find another planet where human life may continue.

Interstellar is a sci-fi epic that spans decades in its emotional, gripping yet sometimes confusing story. When our world is on the cusp of death, Cooper (McConaughey), an ex Nasa pilot who now owns a farm is recruited by Nasa to man a four man mission into space, through a wormhole, to find a suitable planet for mankind to move to. By accepting this mission, Cooper risks never seeing his family again.

On a visual level, Interstellar is perfection. Christopher Nolan has always impressed with his visuals but he outdoes himself with Interstellar. This film is unlike any other. Nolan yet again decided to shoot on IMAX cameras and the format in which it was shot in is remarkable. If you do go and see this film, make sure to pay the extra money to see it in 70mm IMAX. Nolan's visuals in the far reaches of space are very reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey". Nolan directs the film magnificently, all the way from the impressive visuals to the performances he gets from all the actors. Almost all of the actors are on top form here, including the younger versions of Cooper's children. McConaughey and Chastain are Oscar nomination worthy in their roles here.

Whilst Nolan does a fantastic job with those elements, its in the script where the film starts to fall apart slightly. All the dialogue is great, very poetic at times and filled to the brim with scientific lingo, but the actual narrative does lose its way at times in the film.

Cooper is our protagonist here and this film simply doesn't work without McConaughey, we follow him throughout the film and the emotions run so high in the film because of his performance and the bond that is felt between him and his children. This is without a doubt one of McConaughey's best performances.

Interstellar is a beautiful and epic film that not only delves into the far reaches of space, but also attempts to put logic and science behind the strongest human emotion: love. At its heart, Interstellar is a film about a father going on a life or death mission so that his children may live full and happy lives. The father - daughter dynamic works excellently, starting off with the magical chemistry between McConaughey and Mackenzie Foy who plays 'Murph', Cooper's daughter. Later on in the film, Jessica Chastain comes into play as the older version of Murph, a highly intelligent scientist at Nasa who is still angry at her father for leaving her at such a young age. Even though McConaughey and Chastain never share the screen, I felt a strong bond between both of the characters.

Interstellar is without a doubt Nolan's most ambitious film to date, it dares to ask such grand questions about the meaning of life, its very sentimental and tear jerking at times.

Before we're taken on the most grand journey of 2014, we are shown Earth on the brink of extinction. Food is a limited resource and mankind is slowly but surely dying off. This is an aspect of the film that could have been better realized. We are told that this world is dying but we're never shown how this lack of food is affecting the rest of the globe, instead our view is limited to Cooper's farm. The Earth that we see is a bleak yet captivating world that could have been further explored.

Nasa who was thought to be long gone has been operating under ground, planning a mission through a wormhole to find another planet for mankind. Michael Caine plays Professor Brand who along with his daughter (Anne Hathaway) have been planning this endeavor for a long time.

Interstellar is filled to the brim with exposition dialogue that may put some audience members off, but will leave those already invested in the film even more captivated. The film balances much needed exposition with beautiful but sometimes heavy handed metaphors and that makes for a sometimes scrambled script. The film does wander into the more confusing side of astrology, so if you thought Inception was a mind scrambler, be prepared for much more in Interstellar.

The characters debate the theory of time relativity, the space time continuum and much more scientific babble that will either leave you confused or incredibly curious. It makes just enough sense for us to follow along.

Casey Affleck plays Cooper's son and this is where the film started to drop. His character felt unnecessary, underwritten and his story doesn't even get wrapped up!

Two of the best and most surprising character were TARS and CASE, two robots that add some humor and levity to dark, heavy scenes.

Once Interstellar goes through the wormhole and on its grand adventure, we are treated to some of the best visuals, cinematography I've seen in years and one of the best science fiction films ever created!

The production design and practical sets blend perfectly with the impressive visual effects that Nolan's team had created and make for a remarkable and immersive experience. Interstellar is a lock for best visual effects at next years Oscars and is worthy of several more nominations.

This is one of the most beautiful and thought provoking films I've ever seen, and whilst some of the story defies all logic and there are a few throwaway characters, Interstellar is an experience unlike any other. It demands to be seen on the largest screen possible. Nolan has created a true sci-fi epic here. From its visuals to its underlying themes, Interstellar is beautiful. I cannot recommend this film any more, I give it a 9/10!

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