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While personally when I think of David Duchovny, I think of his role as Hank Moody on [Californication](series:200588), he really broke out on The X-Files as Fox Mulder alongside co-star Gillian Anderson who played the very famed, Dana Scully. As a team, they investigated some of the most insane cases of paranormal activity and all sorts of other SciFi-situation craziness.

Cool premise for a show, which was proven by its wild success. Seems like it would all be completely fictional, though, since nothing like this exists in real life, right? Wrong. These 5 cases from the show were actually based on REAL LIFE, events!

Fear toxin that makes people see hidden messages in things

In 1966 at the University of Texas, there was a shooting in which the killer claimed he saw messages everywhere around him urging him to go through with the killings. He was likely schizophrenic, but in an episode called "Blood", the show revolved around a fear-toxin that caused people to see messages in digital displays like above. They drew obvious inspiration from the the UT killer.

Dreamily guiding someone out of a coma is a real-life thing

In the episode entitled "One Breath", a nurse brings Scully out of a coma by slowly and steadily talking and guiding her back to consciousness. Something similar happened in the book "Raising the Dead" which is one of X-Files writer Glen Morgan's favorite books and has a real-life depiction of a man who regained consciousness out of a coma.

The Lone Gunmen Conspiracy Group was actually based on a real group of strange folks

The Lone Gunmen Conspiracy Group from the show was actually based on a group of conspiracy theorists who Morgan saw outside of a UFO convention. They were trying to convince people to rip up $20 bills. Morgan took great inspiration from them when writing these characters.

What's that smell? Oh, death.

In the episode "The Erlenmeyer Flask", a doctor has a needle injected into him. A strange poisonous gas leaves his body and kills the hospital staff. This was based on a case in 1994 where a woman who had cancer caused the nursing staff to faint after smelling an ammonia type odor during drawing her blood.

Mysterious research team was based on a real group

Mulder and Scully investigated an Alaskan research team's deaths in an episode called "Ice". This was inspired by an article in a publication Science News in which a similar team found a 250,000 year old item hidden in Greenland in the icy terrain.

So, now that we're all freaked out and wishing we didn't know the true events behind some fantastic writing... Are you excited to go back and watch X-Files?

Yeah, same here.


Which storyline borrowed from real life is craziest?


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