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With confirming that we are going to be getting a movie in the new future there are different guesses and suggestions for who should be on the team. I have picked five members of the team that I would love to see in the movie and have also given my suggestions for who should play them. That being said I know that there are more than five members of the Suicide Squad but the ones I have picked are a few of the most likely ones to be in the movie. There won't be much to this just who I think should be in the movie and who should play them.

Captain Boomerang / Simon Pegg

George Harkness AKA Captain Boomerang is a member of the Rogue gallery and the Suicide Squad. He is a iconic DC character that would be the perfect person to add a comedic feel to the group. Simon Pegg has proved that he can be funny and serious with movies like Shaun of the Dead and the most recent adaptations of Star Trek.

Killer Frost / Leven Rambin

A strong female villain such as Caitlin Snow who becomes Killer Frost is needed in a Suicide Squad movie. Her character in the animated Suicide Squad movie is perfect for a live adaptation movie. She is independent and strong and needs to be portrayed that way. Leven Rambin has played strong yet stubborn female characters in Hunger Games and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. I think she would be great for the role.

Bronze Tiger / Chiwetel Ejiofor

Bronze Tiger is a fierce and somewhat frightening member of the team with his iconic tiger head mask and claws. Benjamin Turner is the balancing act of the team and would be the one to keep everyone under control. Chiwetel Ejiofor has proven that he is a great actor and can play a variety of characters.

Harley Quinn / Rachel McAdams

Haley Quinn is probably the most popular female villain in both comic universes. She is crazy and psychotic like her parter the Joker and is a vital member of the New 52 Suicide Squad. Rachel McAdams can defiantly pull of that crazy character and do it with justice. I know everyone has their own picks for who should play Harley and I will be happy as long as whoever is chosen to play her does a great job.

Deadshot / Jeffery Donovan

Floyd Lawton is a master marksman and at times has been the leader of the Suicide Squad. He has already been portrayed on the TV show Arrow and I like his character on there and who plays him but I doubt he will make it to the movie version. Jeffery Donovan has made the TV show Burn Notice his master piece with his witty and cool character on their. Deadshot's character is a lot like that and I think transitioning from one character to another would be simple.

There you have it, my picks for character selection and casting for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. Let me know that you think about my picks and who else should be included in the movie.


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