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They're baaaack...

And it was scary. Ok, it wasn't scary in the traditional sense of the word. When you love something so much you don't want to see it tampered with. Why after twenty years? Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey are far from being washed up and needing to do something just for money. Is this just a money maker? Are Lloyd and Harry being treated with respect?

It only took thirty seconds for my fears to be quelled. They're back in a big way. Lloyd and Harry have not been made into a joke. Immediately viewers are launched back into the world of these two, now middle-age, innocent men (depending on how you look at it). A world where learning lessons isn't important. Friendship is all that matters. They haven't matured and if they had the story would be ruined.

Apparently after being rejected by Mary Swanson, Lloyd Christmas falls into a deep depression, completely unresponsive both physically and emotionally. This wasn't your average wallow-in-bed-with-some-oreos kind of rejection. Not for a guy who throws himself at anything he wants without hesitation.

Sweet, sweet Harry. He has been taking care of Lloyd everyday for twenty years and he doesn't quit until he himself has to be taken care for a kidney transplant. Oh wait. Lloyd isn't really depressed. He just gave up the best years of his life in order to execute his greatest prank ever. Don't worry Harry doesn't care because he would do the same thing if he had thought of it first.

If you thought there was going to be a cheesy and endearing turn where we see Lloyd finally show some maturity and vulnerability and come through for his best friend by giving him is kidney, you're wrong. These two are still the most lovably selfish duo.

Our heroes sequel has plenty of fart jokes, life-threatening pranks, and - what should be - offensive cultural mocking.

Also, there's some toe sucking. "It was a new high. It was a wonderful thing. I'm totally into it now...I felt horrific." says Rob Riggle. He went to great lengths with his foot hygiene to make co-star Laurie Holden comfortable lovin' on his feet - what a gentleman. Riggle also wants a selfie with our heroes. So do we, Rob. So do we.

All in all we should hate these characters right? They are the epitome of selfish, rude, and immature. They don't learn - ever - and somehow the Farrelly brothers made us fall in love with them. They've done it again. I still love Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne.


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