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As a fan of all-time great titles like Gladiator, Braveheart, Kingdom of Heaven, it is with great excitement that I write this to pass on the information about the Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty project in development from a script written by Darin Southam. I’ve been told that Southam is in the process of gathering an A-list team with plans to enter production before the end of 2015.

Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty, set in the New World 82 BC, tells the story of a humble soldier, who rises unexpectedly to become the protector of a young republic. While falling in love with a beautiful indigenous princess the soldier’s sworn to protect, Moroni discovers his noble-blooded friend has been secretly plotting to supplant their free government.

Moroni (mor - OH – nigh), son of esteemed captain, Archeantus, is an egalitarian-minded soldier, Amalickiah (Amal - eh - kigh - ah), is the privileged son of a judge, but has nonetheless felt dwarfed in Moroni’s shadow his whole life.

Speaking with Southam on why he chose to tackle this colossal project, he says:

There are many sacred texts in the world: The Bible, the Koran, the Torah, etc. and whether the whole world believes them or not, their stories are some of the grandest that were ever penned. With the outpour of Biblical epics hitting the screen right now, it’s evident that Hollywood is catching on to this. When it comes to sacred/scriptural epics, I contend that no one who has read the war chapters of Alma in The Book of Mormon can deny the absolute epic nature and universal themes of these people’s struggles. - Liberty vs. tyranny. Freedom vs. slavery. Athleticism in battle the likes of 300.

Reign of the Judges, interestingly, has an impressive fan-driven movement behind it. The film’s official Facebook page was launched on July 4th 2014 with the bold public release of the first 17 pages of the script. In just three months time, with no paid advertising, the fan-base has grown to almost 20,000 followers. The teaser concept (located below) has 42,000 views, earning such status, in just 4 weeks. The fans hail from all ideologies; atheists, people of different faiths and due to the project’s “Freedom Is Not Free” motif, it also has attracted a large military following.

Southam went on to add, “with major cinematic action sequences and universal themes of freedom, family, and faith, Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty is a guaranteed hit with male and female ages 10-60.” The story comes from the war chapters of Alma in The Book of Mormon; a book that has a staggering circulation of over 160 million copies in 82 languages.

For more information on the project and to join the movement, visit the film's official site at:

You can also follow their Facebook page.


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