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Stephen Adamson

To be fair, I need to admit something off the bat here... when I think of people drinking Monster energy drinks, I DO, in fact, think of people with bloodshot eyes. Mostly from pulling all-nighters or partying, though. Not from being possessed by the devil.

However, this Christian woman in the video below brings up some truly wacky points about the design and logo created by Monster (that apparently has touches of Satan in it) that has become all-too-familiar to our nation's youth.

While this breakdown of why Monster Energy drink is evil is an effort to stop people from buying it, I think it may actually have an adverse effect. Skater bros, college students, and partiers who drink this stuff already now have yet another reason to buy more of their favorite fizzy jolt of energy!

I think a Satanic energy drink practically markets itself, don't you? No need for advertising after consumers hear you're selling the nectar of the Devil!

So, in conclusion, I'd say this is kind of creepy but mostly cool. What do you think?


Are you going to buy more or less Monster after hearing this woman's ridiculous theory?


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