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Do you remember the justice league movie that was almost made? Well guess what super hero fans, IT'S GETTING MADE! Fans from around the world are gathering some big names together and they are bringing the movie to life!

Yes, you have seen articles on this movie, but this one has way more details! With the writer's strike of 2008, it completely turned Hollywood upside down. It caused a lot of movies to be pushed back, unfortunately , JUSTICE LEAGUE: MORTAL was one of those movies that was tragically pushed back to far to where it was completely forgotten about, except by the fans.

Dusty Austen , Walter C. Jones , Danny Field and Jack Hunter are combining their production companies and are creating what is hailed as the greatest fan film of all time! Below are the actors they have chosen to be the super hero's !

Barrie Brown : Green Lantern

Jack Hunter : Batman

Trae Ireland : Martian Manhunter

Michael O'Neal : Barry Allen/Flash

Victoria Viverous: Iris Allen

Ashley Forrest : Talia Al'Ghul

Rick Stafford : Aquaman

Megan Mattingly: WonderWoman

Jason Evans :Superman

Brianna Stancer : Supergirl

Well this is the cast so far! You can find all New info on this New movie by going to the official Facebook! They are currently casting New characters for the movie.

From what we know there are some locations that are in talk right now. Those locations are Louisiana, Washington D.C. , and some parts of Colorado.

So what do you think? Fans making a movie for the fans. Greatest fan film ever made? I think so!


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