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Sony Pictures has already announced plans to expand its Spider-Man franchise with spinoffs focused on Venom and the


a female-led movie

seems like a serious possibility. However, the studio may only be getting started.

I know you’re shocked this comes from Latino Review, but they’re claiming Sony is mulling making Aunt May: Origins, which would be a show that reveals Peter’s sweet Aunt May was actually a superspy.

While the source of this rumor is the hit-or-miss folks at Latino Review, their intel comes with some semblance of substantiation and a rough background for what this spin-off from [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593) would be about.

A movie about Aunt May as a youth, before she was shouldered with the responsibility of raising Peter Parker. The target mood is some sort of espionage story in the vein of AMC’s Mad Men, which sounds like a way of saying “classier Agent Carter” without name-dropping Marvel’s upcoming series.

The difference, of course, is that Peggy Carter was one of the breakout characters of Captain America: The First Avenger, and the continuation of her adventures first in a Marvel One-Shot and, soon, in an ABC miniseries grew out of the story and audience interest. As good as Sally Field was in the two Amazing Spider-Man movies (she is a two-time Oscar winner, after all), it’s difficult to imagine there were many viewers thinking, “Wow, if only we knew more about what Aunt May was doing four decades ago!”

Apparently that didn’t go over well with fans and Marvel abandoned the attempt to highlight young Aunt May, so it’s rather baffling that Sony might actually try to give it another go. Sony’s idea might have nothing to do with changing Peter Parker’s origin story, but regardless, pumping money into an Aunt May spin-off just doesn’t seem like a bright idea, especially after The Amazing Spider-Man 2 failed to impress at the box office, presumably shaking up Sony’s release schedule thereafter. Development is key in this business, but perhaps the studio would be better off keeping the focus on Sinister Six, Venom, this possible Glass Ceiling film and the other Amazing Spider-Man movies rather than pursuing an idea that already failed with the Spider-Man comic fan base and might not appeal to the film franchise’s followers either.

In 2003, Marvel released a Mark Millar written miniseries titled Trouble that was meant to serve as a new origin tale for Spider-Man and features teenage versions of Aunt May, Uncle Ben, and Peter's parents Richard and Mary Parker. In the comic, May becomes pregnant with Richard's baby, but gives the baby to Mary, who takes the secret to her grave. Spider-Man fans didn't care for the story, and it did not sell many books for Marvel. This ended Marvel's attempts to focus on Aunt May, with the original Spider-Man origin story slipping back into place.

Its unlikely that this same story would be used in an Aunt May spin-off. But it sounds like the movie is happening.

Do you think this is a better idea than Venom or The Amazing Spider-Man 3? Or is the idea of an Aunt May movie just too weird to comprehend?Also, who should take over for Sally Field? Brie Larson?


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