ByDillon Maki, writer at

So,once again,there is going to be another star wars movie.Now i'm not saying that in a bad way but there has already been 6 of them,and they've all covered the main story line of star wars.This new film will be hitting theaters on December 18th,2015,and will be directed by J.J Abrams.

Most people are excited mainly to see all those funky yet cool characters like Han Solo,Luke sky-walker,and Princess Leia.But i'm looking forward to seeing a new enemy on the dark-side because Darth Vader died in episode 6,sucks for Vader,guess he wasn't the chosen one after all.The new film,by the looks of it,will be based off of the old story(episodes I-VI) and all the characters will return,but will be old,sorry Luke,guess you wont live forever like Yoda.After the trailer was just released,we saw many interesting characters like:a woman riding some type of speeder bike,a weird rolling-droid,and what seems to be RAVEN,who is an enemies from another story-line of star wars.Now after the trailer was released,immediately,people started to make fun of the sith guys 'cross blade-light saber',and i thought it was pretty cool,but a lot of other SW fans would disagree.Now i didn't think that it was that great of a trailer,it was alright,but it could of been better.

But one good question that has been brought up by many star wars fans is:will J.J Abram keep the star was series awesome and cool,or will he not just ruin it,but kill all the fans thoughts on star wars?


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