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As much as I personally loved Interstellar, I could see why some people thought otherwise. Where I enjoyed it for the overall experience and ambition, others have criticized it for its clunky story. I have no problem with this whatsoever.

In fact, I have read quite a few negative reviews that were well written and concise. I was taught in college that when it comes to writing a review of anything, it's all about perspective. The whole purpose is to show others your perspective on the product so that they can look at your praises and criticisms. The reader compares your opinions with their own so they can then get an idea of whether or not they will like something. It is indeed possible to disagree with a writer but respect his/her opinion.

With that being said, Cinema Blend recently shared an article of theirs on Facebook. The article itself: "4 Big Reasons Why Interstellar Is A Huge Disaster," is not one I agree with, but again, I respect that the writer has a different perspective on the film. I was actually interested in what he had to say (isn't that how debates are supposed to work?).

However, when Cinema Blend shared the article, they added a description of it that drove me to wrote this article:

If someone isn't a fan of Nolan's works, why would they feel the need to rub someone's nose in their opinion? That would be like if I said: "Attention all Nolan haters: Interstellar was great and you're all wrong." Would I seem like someone who respects others' perspectives? No, I would seem like a rude, immature tyrant who wants to force my viewpoint on someone else.

Even if it was a joke, it wasn't a very funny one, and the phrase: "Christopher Nolan loving friends" just comes across as bitter. Besides, is Cinema Blend really encouraging people to force their opinions onto their friends?

Even if they just wanted to use the description to get more clicks on the article, this isn't a very respectful way of doing it. The writer is simply stating his opinion, but this description makes it seem like he too is claiming that his opinion is correct while others are wrong.

Cinema Blend needs to realize that the only people they are appealing to with this particular post are the angry internet trolls who bitterly shove their opinions down everyone's throats.

Sure, some Nolan fans have gotten a bad reputation online for sending death threats to critics, but that is just a select few out a group of many. I love Nolan's movies because I personally enjoy them, not because I'm a receptive fanboy who will eat up anything Nolan creates. I certainly won't try to rub anyone's noses in the fact that I like his films either.

If you like Nolan, good for you, and if you can't stand him, good for you. Nobody needs to force opinions or brag about how right they are and how wrong someone else is. Being an opinion overlord won't help you win an argument, its just rude, plain and simple.


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