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Mark Robirds Jr.

Oh boy...this movie is just falling apart before a trailer even premieres. You wanna know what Josh Trank did this time? Doctor Doom is Victor Domashev, an anti-social programmers who goes onto blogging sites under the screen name: Doom. Not the leader of a foreign country...

I am trying...I really am! But every single piece of news about this movie just causes me to hit my desk so hard that I will probably have a concussion. Look I can accept some changes to work with a film but this is just painful. At least the Doctor Doom from the original Fantastic Four films was FROM Latveria and incredibly rich so I could see where they were coming from. Here? Not so much!

I really hope this news isn't true because I really want a good Fantastic Four far the only good thing revealed was the first look at The Thing AKA Ben Grimm.


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