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As a huge fan of , I can't get enough of any spoilers, teasers, trailers or tweets that might give me a tiny hint at what the next episode might reveal. Luckily for us mega-fans, The Walking Dead cast and crew are the sharing and caring types who are constantly giving us little tidbits to keep our appetites sated.

But what about behind the scenes of Walking Dead, what secrets has the set of this walker-killing, weapon-wielding, all-around awesome TV show hidden from us? Well, come with me and take a peek behind the Grime-y curtain of The Walking Dead.

Andrew Lincoln introduces himself to Addy Miller
Andrew Lincoln introduces himself to Addy Miller

1. Some of our fave characters were never in the comic series

Even though Merle and Daryl Dixon became some of our most hated and loved characters on screen, they never actually appeared in The Walking Dead comic book series. The Dixon brothers, along with Sasha, owe their existence to showrunner Frank Darabont who wanted new characters for the show.

2. The show was once the target of a police call out

Darabont may have come to regretted his decision to invent the character of Merle, when during Season 1, Merle (a.k.a. Michael Rooker) had the police called on him. Bystanders phoned the cops after they believed Rooker to be a crazy man on a rooftop with a sniper rifle! The police showed up in full SWAT gear only to find filming in process.

The Well Walker gets his final makeup touches
The Well Walker gets his final makeup touches

3. T-Dog was supposed to die much earlier on

Speaking of characters that didn't exist in the comic book, T-Dog, whose character's full name was actually Theodore Douglas, was only supposed to be in three episodes of Season 1. But he was so popular that the producers decided to spare him death-by-walker and kept him around until Season 3 until a nasty, jail dwelling walker finally took him down.

4. During filming, walkers are silent creatures

We all know the sound that a hungry walker makes, the teeth gnashing, drool-y type of desperate hunger that means they're going to get their human fleshy meal no matter what; but did you know that all the walker sound effects are added in post production? In fact most of the on-set walkers are extremely quiet during filming, so the atmosphere of the shoot isn't ruined... or so the actors are not distracted by lame sounding groans.

5. A walker never blinks

Another walker feature fact is that any eye blinks from a walker that the camera picks up are immediately edited out! I guess it makes perfect sense, walkers don't possess enough basic skills to move their limbs properly, and blinking their eyes would just confuse the poor things even further.

Chandler Riggs on set in Season 1
Chandler Riggs on set in Season 1

6. Carl Grimes is a comic book fan

The Walking Dead loves putting in small nods to other shows, movies and comic books. Throughout the first three seasons, Carl Grimes wears a T-shirt with a dog paw print on it. The paw print is actually the Science Dog logo, and Science Dog is a character which Walking Dead comic book creator, Robert Kirkman, created in the comic book “Invincible.” That's one way to self-promote!

Stunt doubles from Season 5
Stunt doubles from Season 5

7. Carl's stunt doubles are actually all girls?!

You know all those action packed, dramatic scenes? Well there's a highly skilled team of stunt doubles behind those moves, all of whom bear an uncanny resemblance to their actor counterparts. Perhaps most surprising is Chandler Riggs' (Carl Grimes') stunt double. While Chandler is a 15 year-old boy, due to his smaller size, he has had a few female stunt doubles: 31-year-old Ashley in Season 5, 29-year-old Emily Brobst in Season 4, and 31-year-old Savana Jade Wehunt in Season 3!

Walkers under direction
Walkers under direction

8. The walkers don't actually chow down on human flesh!

While it may look like a walker is genuinely munching down hungrily on some fresh and warm innards, the reality is far less gruesome! The special effects team on The Walking Dead is extremely talented and instead substituted real innards for hams soaked in vinegar! Other foodie props, such as the rat that Lizzie feeds to a walker in Season 4, are actually a gelatin molds filled with grape jelly, which almost sounds delicious!

Greg Nicotero appears as a walker
Greg Nicotero appears as a walker

9. Humans and walkers don't mix

Eating is an important part of The Walking Dead, the walkers are constantly looking for food, the living are constantly looking for food, but it turns out eating behind-the-scenes on the show also has its own trials. On set, the human cast are separated from the walker cast to keep tensions high while filming, after all it wouldn't be a good look to have Michonne getting friendly with a walker!

10. A Walking Dead death dinner isn't as gruesome as it sounds

But aside from eating on set, dinners are a big tradition with the core cast and crew. After a main character is killed off on the show, the remaining cast members throw the dearly departed a 'death dinner.' The dinner gives everyone the chance to say farewell to their fallen comrade, not to mention that they're all probably a lot cleaner for all the goodbye hugs...deaths in The Walking Dead do have the tendency to be a bit gory.


If all of these fascinating facts weren't enough to calm your appetite for flesh, then take a look at this hilarious bad lip reading of The Walking Dead Season 4, if you don't laugh then maybe you are a dead, cold, walker inside.


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