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The idea of a tarantula the size of a Great Dane is enough to make the blood run cold, but when you see what it really is, the only thing you'll be feeling is amazement.

The incredibly talented body painter Emma Fay has worked with two contortionist to transform their breathtakingly bendy bodies into animals and the results are every sort of awesome.

Get prepared for a serious outburst of artistic envy and check out the images below to see what I mean!


This magnificent Mandrill gives a new meaning to the phrase 'four eyes'.


Feeling Crabby

It's probably best to view this outrageous pose from the front!


Suspicious Stripes

There's somthing fishy about those ears... I just can't put my toe on it.


Flight of Fancy

This dragon is never going to fly, but that doesn't make it any less impressive. Especially when you spot the carefully hidden human face.


The Contortion of Life

Is anyone else getting some serious Lion King vibes from this impossibly elegant giraffe?


Under the Sea

Sebastian might be firm in his belief that it's 'better down where it's wetter,' but something tells me that this painted seahorse might suffer in damper conditions.


But, How Was it Done?

If the stunning finished photos aren't enough to impress you, then these images of the artist hard at work might just change your mind.

Each piece takes approximately four to six hours to complete and the stunning designs are painstakingly daubed on using a combination of brush and sponge painting.

Luckily for the contortionists, Beth Sykes and Lowri Thomas, the majority of the painting is completed while they are lounging in more comfortable positions after guidelines are sketched on during a short posing session.

Fay explains that all of her hard work totally pays off when she sees the public's reaction to her creative critters. She explained that:

The photographs always get a brilliant response. People love the optical illusion aspect of it.
For me, it's kind of exploration of evolution - a study of the remarkable things humans can do with their bodies and the remarkable ways animals have evolved to survive in their surroundings.
I consider them pieces of art, not body painting

See more of Emma Fay's incredible artwork HERE


Would you be daring enough to pose for one of these awesome animal artworks?

(Source: The Daily Mail via Emma Fay)


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