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Now, when I think cake, I usually mostly just think delicious, and head off to the local bakery for a quick fix of (preferably jam-filled) baked awesomeness.

Now, though, I might have to slightly alter my drooling, Pavlovian reaction to the stuff, and upgrade cake from a source of mere deliciousness, to one of fundamental bad-assery. The reason? The online cake-making contest, Threadcakes, which sees astonishingly talented bakers from around the internet recreate t-shirt designs from Threadless, in cake form.

And, after all, what other possible reaction could anyone have to the absolute magnificence of a cake of...

The Queen of England, Dressed as The Joker

Created by Erin Schwartz, and titled God save the Villain, this is definitely the most delicious (and terrifying) either the Queen or The Joker have ever looked.

A Cake of Thrones

Created by Nanthini Retnam, and named A King in Every Corner, there is very little about this that isn't simultaneously both bad-ass and adorable.

Also, miniature cake-based Iron Throne!

My personal favorite entry in the contest, though, has to be...

Half a Ralph Wiggum

I mean, just look at it! Created by Kylie Mangles of Courtenay, British Columbia's Freshly Squeez'd, Cutout Ralph is just the most downright unbelievable piece of baking I've ever seen.

Honestly, if there weren't pictures of it being cut, I wouldn't be able to accept that it was a cake at all...

But there are, and I now have an overwhelming urge to move to the west coast of Canada. Especially if Ms. Mangles can make a Millhouse...

There are, though, some pretty epic pieces of pop culture-themed cakery going on elsewhere, too - some of which are winning real world competitions. Like, for instance...

A Lifesize Katniss Everdeen

Baked by Lara Clarke, this magnificent, and lifesize (1.7m tall), creation recently won Gold at the Cake International competition in Birmingham, England. And, best of all, drew this reaction from Jennifer Lawrence herself, when she was shown an image of it on BBC Radio 1:

Clarke, though, isn't too surprising a winner, seeing as she also took the Gold at last year's event, with this (controversial, due to being made out of) crisped rice Jack Sparrow:

The even greater thing, though? This year, she also entered a cake version of her favorite Game of Thrones character. So, that image of Clarke above, standing with Katniss?

Cake Tyrion Lannister was totally right next to them the whole time! I'm officially hungry.

What do you guys think, though?


Which pop culture cake is your favorite?

via Distractify, BBC


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