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Well, the holidays are fast approaching and I began to ask myself one simple question: 'Why is this story adapted so much?' I mean, I am a great lover of the classics myself, but is there ever going to be a breaking point?

'A Christmas Carol' is, by far, the most over-adapted film in film history. At the count of 44 (* COUNT THEM 44!) times of us seeinfg the same story over and over either in its classic version with different actors or in more modern adaptable takes. (* ie Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past starring Matthew McConahey and Scrooged starring Bill Murray). Then we also cannot forgewt the animated versions (A Christmas Carol starring the voice of Jim Carey, A Flintstones Christmas Carol, WB's Bah Humduck! and Bugs Bunny's Christmas Carol, etc.)

The classic story written in the 1800's by Charles Dickens , of course, tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, a wealthy but bitter businessman who must learn the errors of his ways after the vistation of three spirits in order to not meet the same fate of his deceased former partner, Jacob Marley. Now, while this story has been a very cut-and-dried story, it makes me wonder what the extreme fascination is with it? The very first version was filmed in 1910, of all things, when the talkies weren't even invented yet. Since then, t5he ball has just semmeed to keep growing, with every movie studio and network vying over who is going to make the version for this year. Disney, of course, won last year, and several of the cable networks had done their own spin on it with limited success, such as changing Ebenezer's gender or whatever. But, have they ever asked themselves: what more can we really do with this story? The truth: not a heck of a whole lot!

A Christmas Carol, to me, is like that holiday fruitcake that is still is sitting in front of the door from last year, collecting dust and getting hard. Of course, you don't want to spurn the gift as to not offend the person that gave it to you. But, there are times when the taste of that awful fruitcake you just want to go away! That gross, gumdrop and ginger and everything else under the sun taste that makes you want to just gag.

So, if I were you, I would defintiely be looking forward to that fruitcake taste again this year. I just wonder who's baking it?


Have you guys had enough of A Christmas Carol remakes?


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