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Space is a pretty inhospitable place, especially if you plan to set a film up there.

The infinite vacuum outside our atmosphere has long been a staple setting for movies, but few make any serious attempts to accurately portray space. Alfonso Cuarón's multi-Oscar winning Gravity, however, did at least attempt to abide by the first rule of space - there is no air, and therefore there can be no sound.

Despite major scenes of spacey destruction, Cuarón only allowed sounds which the stranded astronauts themselves would have heard. It actually created a rather intense experience, especially when coupled with Steven Price's Academy Award winning score.

But now you can take one things further and get a silent space experience courtesy of the upcoming Gravity Diamond Luxe Edition Blu-Ray set. The Blu-Ray re-release not only comes with three brand new featurettes and Dolby Atmos audio technology, but it also includes a "Silent Space Version," which will remove Price's score from the film for a more authentic experience.

This could certainly make for interesting viewing, although I can't imagine it will beat the original version. Price's score not only provided an emotional foundation for the movie, but it was also masterfully used as a replacement for traditional sound effects, with the music often spiking to coincide with collisions and other technically inaudible happenings.

Currently, the Gravity Diamond Luxe Blu-Ray is available to pre-order, although it will not officially ship until February 10, 2015.


Does this sound like an interesting concept to you?

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