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Have you been wondering whether or not we'll see Han and Leia's kids in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens? Contemplating the possibility that we might, just maybe, finally get an answer to the burning question of just how awesome could a baby Organa-Solo be? Asking yourself whether the movie could, possibly, even feature multiple generations of smuggler and princess progeny?

Well, I sure have - and I'll tell you for nothing, it's not something you can shake off easily once you've started. After all, our heroes kids are the most natural inheritors of the Star Wars franchise there could be. Or, of course, if you've read much of the Expanded Universe, they could try to destroy the universe (Spoilers?).

In the meantime, though, some entirely separate Jedi children have found their way onto the internet (in Californian filmmaker Oscar Rene's short, below), and they're...

Well, they're either awesomely and ludicrously cute, or kind of creepy.

I leave it up to you to decide:

Either way though, this:


And this:

Totally just happened.

And I have seriously conflicted feelings about that...


What do you guys think? Jedi Babies?

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