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What do you get if you cross Bear Gryll's with a pork chop? Well, the answer is basically Paul Rosolie.

Rosolie, who describes himself as a “a naturalist based out of southern Peru," originally rose to prominence as the director of An Unseen World, a nature documentary which went on to win the United Nations Forum on Forests short film contest. But, it seems Rosolie has gotten bored with the whole 'filming animals' thing and has decided the next step is to be eaten by one.

In his new show for Discovery Channel's 'Mega Week,' Rosolie plans to put on a snake-proof suit and allow himself to be swallowed by a snake in the name of 'science' (and definitely not in the name of achieving ratings through gratuitous stunts). The show, titled predictably enough Eaten Alive, has just released a trailer and although you don't see the final money shot of Rosolie in the stomach of a snake, you do get to see him running around the jungle and strapping on his suit like some kind of suicidal Indiana Jones.

When news of the stunt spread around the net, it received quite a lot of negative feedback from viewers who were concerned it would hurt the snake. However, Rosolie took to Twitter to downplay fears and also once again publicize his show. He tweeted:

You can check out the comments on that Tweet to see how well that was received...

If this is something you're eager to see, you can check it out on Sunday December 7 at 9/8c on Discovery. Personally, I think I'll stick with Attenborough.


What do you think of the concept behind Eaten Alive?

Source: IFLScience


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