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If you've never seen a Screen Junkies 'Honest Trailer,' then get ready for the perfect introduction! Screen Junkies has become famous for taking a regular old movie trailer and dubbing over it to tell the honest version of the movie; because let's face it, sometimes a movie might just not live up to all that hype.

Today's movie to get the honest trailer treatment is Disney's Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie; and it was pretty accurate, but don't take my word for it, take a look at the highlights for yourself:


The trailer tells the story of two giant cheekbones

Seems accurate so far...


Who is made totally less evil through the use of back-story

I don't want my villains to be humanized!!


And appeared in an Avatar-esque rip off?

Seriously, what?


And she also creepily watched Sleeping Beauty grow up

Sleeping beauty baby is giving creepy old Maleficent the hella side-eye


And the three classic fairies from the original? Hmm, not so much in Maleficient

Seriously! the three fairies in sleeping beauty are iconic, they made them look like bumbling fools in Maleficent.


But it's kind of hard to get across just how funny the whole trailer is without actually watching it, so take a look for yourself and be prepared to laugh out loud!


Do you think the Maleficent honest trailer is accurate?

Source: Geektyrant


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