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Wes Anderson (The Grand Budapest Hotel, Moonrise Kingdom) has revealed plans for his next film - and the details may surprise you.

Speaking during a Q&A at the Lisbon and Estoril Film Festival, Anderson talked about his intentions to return to the distinctive visual style of his 2009 comedy, Fantastic Mr. Fox. That's right, Wes is set to charm audiences once again with his beautiful use of stop-motion animation!

Anderson's inspiration for this new project comes from a typically esoteric source - Vittorio De Sica’s 1954 Italian film, The Gold of Naples. The movie takes the form of six self-contained vignettes that explore the Campania capital. Wes has said he hopes to replicate Sica's episodic structure, with the added twist of using animation. You can watch an extract from The Gold of Naples below:

IndieWire further speculated that Roman Coppola - Anderson's collaborator on The Darjeeling Limited and Moonrise Kingdom - could be returning to lend a hand on this as yet unnamed project. Speaking back in March, Anderson teased a new film he was working on with Coppola, saying:

It’s a little bit vaguely avant-garde in its concept and I’m just not sure if it’s going to quite gel...many things happening at once in his next project.

Sounds like this could be the same Sica-inspired movie!

The writer-director is known for his obsessive attention to detail and wonderfully intricate filmmaking style, so Anderson paired with stop-motion can only mean good things - as the delightful Fantastic Mr. Fox proved! I for one can't wait for another one of Wes' lovingly hand-made cinematic gifts.


Does another stop-motion Wes Anderson movie sound good to you?


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