ByChristen Carla Young, writer at

So we're following the back story of detective James Gordon and his days at GCPD before Batman took to the streets. The first few episodes gave sneaky previews to some of the well known and loved batman characters such as Catwoman, Poison Ivy, The Riddler and last but not very least The Penguin! As well as visually striking, each episode is just as dark and creepy as you've previously seen Gotham city. With an amazingly talented cast such as the OC's Ben McKenzie, Jada Pinket Smith and Robin Lord Taylor the show hasn't let audiences down so far, and I doubt It will. Each episode leaves you wanting to see the next one straight away and certainly doesn't disappoint as far as shocks, violence and a city full of back stabbing, two faced people all out for themselves. I've especially loved watching Robin lord taylor and his outstanding portrayal of The Penguin, which, for me is a million times better than Danny Devitos. . Me personally! His psychotic gaze and eery presence takes over every episode all the while though he's loveable and adorable. Definitely my new favourite show and Mr Lord Taylor is my new up and coming favourite actor .. he's one to watch


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