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Ever since Morgan made a dramatic return at the end of The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere, I've been left wondering when we'll see him again and how he fits into the narrative of this season.

Well now, thanks to an eagle-eyed Moviepilot fan, we think we have the answer.

Kyle Peacock Sr. employed his excellent detective skills and discovered that Morgan is slated to return in Episode 8, titled 'Coda,' which is the mid-season finale.

The proof? It's listed on Morgan Jones' IMDB page

As you can see, the previous episodes Morgan appeared in have been listed here - 'Days Gone Bye,' 'Clear,' and 'No Sanctuary,' while 'Coda' is set to arrive November 30th.

So, how will this fit into the show's narrative?

Warning! Comic book spoilers coming up.

In the comic, Rick and Morgan reunite when the former goes on a supply run in their hometown. However, Morgan is a whole heap of crazy due to his son Duane now being walker - a lot like he was when Rick ran into him in the Episode 'Clear.'

Morgan was the mayor of Crazytown
Morgan was the mayor of Crazytown

Rick convinces Morgan to abandon his house - and his undead son, who is chained up - and join them on their journey north, where they eventually arrive at the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

I saw the sign...
I saw the sign...

My bet is that Rick has been leaving those signs we saw in 'No Sanctuary' for Morgan to follow - as a sort of visual walkie-talkie, if you will - and Morgan will soon catch up with them and join the group and the mid-season premiere will then end with them all reaching the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

However, whether or not Morgan is still batshit crazy remains to be seen.

What do you guys think?


Will Morgan show up in the mid-season finale?


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