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So,marvel is one of the best movie producing agency of all time.But not all the movies are made by marvel,its split up,Marvel studios,Fox and Sony. Spider.Spider-man is one of the best marvel series of all time,and will continue for many more years.With its cool story line(s) and its awesome characters,its definitely a type of movie to go see in the theaters.

But this new film isn't really about spider-man,its going to be about VENOM.One of spider-mans greatest enemies.This movie will be hitting theaters in 2018,which was earlier the release date of 'The amazing spider man:4'.What i'm excited about is if this new film will bring in new characters,like part of the 'sinister six' or even CARNAGE.This is one of my favorite spider-man enemies and i hope he will team up with venom to finally do some serious damage to spider-man.So after learning about this new marvel film,a question that will give this movie what it needs is:will it be good movie of a bad one?


will "VENOM" be a GOOD movie or a BAD movie?


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