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The day Marvel has announced all the marvel movies to come in the next few years, that felt like Christmas came early. I feel like we all got too exciting to even consider the casting in this movie which will make it more epic then what is already is. Now this is not a news feed article. I just want to give my opinion as to why [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409) is going to be one of the best movies ever. Not just the best MARVEL movie. Here is why:

Of course we have Ironman in which will play a huge role in the film. Many speculate he will be the antagonist per comics. Seeing how Steve Rogers & Tony Starks characters collide, it'll just be fun to see this take play in the film to the extreme.

Now is when the casting gets more exciting. It was confirmed by Brock Rumlow himself that [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973) was just an origin story for Crossbones. It's safe to say he'll be in Capt 3 as well. The fun part is, since he's the antagonist in Capt 2, will he team up with Ironman to bring down Capt? Will Crossbones trick Ironman into thinking he's working for the government & just to backstab him? So many possibilities. And we all know Falcon & Rumlow have unfinished business...

The Winter Soldier has to be my top 3 favorite Marvel characters. The last we left Bucky was @ the end of Capt 3 realizing his true identity. It's safe to say he'll eventually be on team Capt, but probably will be hesitant @ first which will cause more problems for Steve Rogers. Once that happens, it'll be Capt & Bucky vs Iron man. Can you just imagine a fight scene with 3 of these guys in it? Oh the possibilities!!

And of course we throw [Black Panther](movie:9047) in the mix of all of the action already going to take place. Will Black Panther eventually be team Stark? We'll just have to wait & see.

And of course Hawkeye has kinda hinted in the past that he wouldn't mind being in Capt 3. I don't see why he wouldn't since he was supposed to be in Capt 2 breifly. He would probably be team Stark if I had to predict.

So lets look at the rooster if this is true: Tony Stark, Crossbones, Bucky, Steve Rogers, Falcon & possibly Hawkeye. Is this exciting enough or what? We have an Avengers 2.5 if this is the case. What do you guys think?


Who are you guys most excited to see?


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