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Anybody who has seen the Lion King will know that Scar is one of the biggest baddies in any Disney movie; a duplicitous, power-mad murderer who would stop at nothing to become king.

But what if I were to tell you that his evil, megalomaniacal behavior might not have been his fault and in fact his parents were to blame?

It's all in a name

You see, we all know him as Scar - thanks to the scar that runs down his face - but this was not actually his birth name.

According to A Tale of Two Brothers - the first book in The Lion King: Six New Adventures that tells the back-story of a young Scar and his brother Mufasa - (and first reported by MTV) Scar was actually born under the name 'Taka.'

Now, unless you're fluent in Swahil this will probably mean nothing to you, but 'Taka' has a few definitions in English, and none of them are particularly nice. It translates to 'want', 'desire,' or more commonly 'dirt' or 'garbage'.

So basically his parents literally called him 'Greedy Garbage,' while naming his brother 'Mufasa' - which means "king." Is it any wonder Scar is so messed up and angry? Talk about nominative determinism screwing up your life.

So how did Scar get his, erm, scar? Well, according to the book, he tried to do his brother Mufasa a serious mischief by getting a buffalo to attack him and in the process make his father doubt Mufasa's suitability to be king.

Like a true super-villain, Taka laughed hilariously when he saw Mustafa being attacked, but the smile was soon wiped off his face when the other buffalo in the herd turned on Taka, attacking him and giving him that famous scar.

Obviously his plan to destablize his brother's claim to the throne failed miserably, but it did give him the opportunity to change his name to Scar, which - let's be honest - is totally badass.


Which name is more badass?


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