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With Star Wars 7, the Avengers 2 and Batman vs Superman all currently in production, some fans are getting to know a lot about their favorite movies much before they are actually released.

Some filmmakers - like [Jurassic World](movie:32752)'s Colin Trevorrow - has spoken out against the trend of leaks and spoilers, saying that they ruin an audience's opportunity to come to a movie "fresh".

Others, however, enjoy the game of cat and mouse they can play with an audience - leaking some information, holding some back.

Is Zack Snyder toying with fans?
Is Zack Snyder toying with fans?

Batman vs Superman's Zack Snyder would probably fall into this latter category. And, while an extra is currently being sued for leaking key plot info, the leaks that have come out of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice so far, have not be too damaging to the plot.

That said, the rest of this article will contain

Batman vs Superman Plot SPOILERS

So what do we know about the plot of Batman vs Superman - and, of what we know, which details can we trust?

Lex Luthor & Bruce Wayne: Who is fooling who?

One scene which was rumored to have been filmed recently saw Bruce Wayne attend an event hosted by Lex Luthor in which the head of LexCorp, who will be played by Jesse Eisenberg, was opening a library. At the event, Lex has installed a banner which reads "Intellect is humanity's greatest strength".

Superman is not popular after Man of Steel
Superman is not popular after Man of Steel

As fans who have kept up with the information coming out of Batman vs Superman will already know - this movie sees public opinion turned against Superman, with angry protestors holding up banners that express their anger with the "Alien" [Man of Steel](movie:15593).

The question that rises from this is then - how much is Bruce Wayne taken in by Lex Luthor's stoking of this anti-superman feeling? Is it the sole cause of Batman's conflict with Superman?

Rumor trustworthiness: 4/5

Batman & Lex Luthor: enemies, rivals, or friends?
Batman & Lex Luthor: enemies, rivals, or friends?

The DEATH of the President of the United States?

Another detail which has recently emerged is that another recently shot scene sees a huge, lavish funeral - one so big that it could be fit for a billionaire, or a President.

Whose funeral was being filming in Dawn of Justice?
Whose funeral was being filming in Dawn of Justice?

The extra who leaked the details of this scene suggested that it was the latter, stating:

The parade, we were told, was the funeral for the President of the United States

This is possible, and if true, could lead to Lex Luthor making a bid to become US President himself, which would certainly be an interesting turn of events. However, some fans have also pointed out that this could be some misdirection by Zack Snyder, and the funeral could equally well be that of Bruce Wayne, who fakes his own death at the end of the comic book Batman vs Superman has drawn from most heavily, The Dark Knight Returns.

So whose funeral was it?

Rumor trustworthiness: 3/5

Batman & Robin or Aquaman & Kahina the Seer?

The final rumor we will look at here can be best summed up with one simple image:

Aquaman & Kahina in Batman vs Superman?
Aquaman & Kahina in Batman vs Superman?

This, allegedly, is a leaked set picture from Batman vs Superman. But what does it mean?

Kahina the Seer is a character who features alongside [Aquaman](movie:264237), helping the King of Atlantis to hunt down his enemy the Black Mantis. Recent reports have speculated that Jena Malone's character, first reported to be Robin, is in fact Kahina the Seer - but does this make sense?

It is well known that the extra who leaked Robin's involvement in Dawn of Justice is being sued by DC and Warner Bros, and we have heard very little so far about Aquaman's involvement in Batman vs Superman, let alone that of Kahina.

The other theory, of course, is that this infomation has been leaked in order to throw fans off the scent. What do you believe?

Rumor trustworthiness: 2/5

So that's it, all the latest rumors coming out of the filming of Batman vs Superman? Which ones do you believe, and what do you most want to know about this movie? Write in with your thoughts below the line!


Which of these plot lines do you think will occur in Batman vs Superman?


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