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THE DIVERGENT SERIES: INSURGENT has raised the stakes in the action-packed Teaser Trailer that debuted on YouTube TODAY! See Tris defy reality as she sacrifices everything for the ones she loves and share the all-new teaser poster below that debuted exclusively on the ‘DivergentSeries’ Snapchat.
The was treated to an exclusive first look at the teaser trailer and poster prior to going live to the public this morning.
For your chance to catch more sneak peeks of this action–packed phenomenon register for the Fandom now at and follow ‘DivergentSeries’ on Snapchat.

It’s HERE! The highly anticipated Insurgent teaser trailer is finally here for us to squee and squeal about. It seems to be either a Tris dream sequence or simulation. Either way, it’s action packed and looks completely different than Divergent. The only thing that could have made this teaser better is if Four had been in it. That’s right, Theo/Four is not featured in this particular teaser, but I’m definitely looking forward to the next teaser or the full trailer which is sure to have him and his biceps…or so we hope *fingers crossed*

Click me for the exclusive trailer Click here if you want to see the new poster.


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