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We are about 2 years until The Sinister Six Hits Theaters. But there are lot people who say this will be a disaster and that Spider-Man should go back to Marvel. Let me explain you why the best for Spidey is to stay in Sony:

If Spider-Man go back to Marvel, Marvel won't give Spider-Man a whole franchise, because they have already an stablished universe (MCU) and this Universe focus only in The Avengers. And you know Spider-Man is not really necessary for The Avengers.

Spider-Man is the most popular Marvel Character, and he deserves his own universe, he can stand alone without requiring a team.

I would love to see Spider-Man in Avengers, but as a crossover, Marvel and Sony can share both universes. But I repeat Sony can give a whole franchise dedicated only to Spider-Man.

The Next installement of TASM franchise is The Sinister Six, a movie based on villains, but why do lot of people say it will suck, they don't know what the script is about. Just think this, it's not a movie based on The Powerpuff Girls villains, it's about THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN VILLAINS:

Doc Ock

Green Goblin





They're so cinematic characters.

By the way this movie will serve to avoid overloading of story for TASM3.

HOPEFULLY you understand us (TASM fans we want the best for Spider-Man and that is in hands of Sony). I know this article is very short but the point is that I want to show you this fan poster I made to animate you.

LET'S GIVE A CHANCE TO SONY and The Sinister Six.


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