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American horror story,a television show that airs on FX. This show has had many seasons before and the newest season is 'freak show'.The show follows freak show team that has many different freaks,and they run into more and more trouble every episode.The show so far is pretty cool,it has good characters and good very good story-line.Many people i know believe that the show doesn't portray a real freak show,but i think that the show gives an example of what it would really be like.

In my opinion,the show is awesome!!!,it is interesting and very entertaining,It makes you want to know more about the show and the characters and it is one of my favorite shows.American horror story is one of those shows that has good and bad in it.The characters each have a separate story and they explain them all(most of them) in one of the episodes.The show has a rating of 8.4-out of-10 and is one of my favorite shows with,Gothom and agents of shield.So now that we have given some information of the show,what do you think of the show,terrible(1-3) bad(4-6) good(7-9) great(10)


what is your rating on the show?


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