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Marvel has movies from now all the way to 2020! But that doesn't mean they're going to stop there! I (and let's face it—the rest of the world) predict that they'll keep on making movies way after 2020. But what's next for the MCU? Well, obviously more super hero films, but what super heroes? Well for speculation on that—you'll have to go somewhere else. I'm here to talk about the villains!

Yes! What villains could we see in the MCU? But not just any villains, I'm talking strange villains! Villains so weird, so extraordinary that they even look ridiculous as a comic idea! Why? Because villains deserve to be talked about to! The heroes we read about today would be nothing without their villainous adversaries testing their limits and abilities! I believe Marvel will try to bring the weird villains to the big screen. (along with maybe some weird heroes but this is villain talk here!)

Why? Because Marvel loves a challenge! They're already confident with bringing lesser known characters to the big screen as seen by this years release of [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073), so it's safe to say they'd be willing to do it again. I not only want to see a villain lead Marvel film, but I want to see one starring a strange (and probably lesser known) villain

So stay home Green Goblin and Loki, it's time for the true weirdos to come out and play!

5. The Collector

Now, we've already seen the collector before. Once during the post credits scene of Thor: The Dark World, and then again during Guardians of the Galaxy. In both films he is played by the talented Benicio del Toro.

Do not hate me because I'm fabulous
Do not hate me because I'm fabulous

But both of the times we've seen him have just been tiny little cameos. We need a full The Collector movie! It would be amazing! Most likely, due to the MCU Collectors tone and feel, the film would be a comedy. The movie could The Collector going around space just collecting the weirdest and most lavishing interstellar items.

No not that lavishing item -_-
No not that lavishing item -_-

A turning point in the plot would be if he wanted to "collect" something from a bigwig mafia-style alien gang boss and gets in to trouble. Maybe he could even bring Howard the Duck along for some alien gang boss taking down action packed fun!

4. Kang The Conqueror

A Kang The Conqueror could do so much for the MCU. For one, Marvel's heroes will have someone else's tail to kick across the galaxy once they're done with Ultron and Thanos. And second, this could potentially expand the MC Universe tenfold! A Kang movie could start off in the 30th century and explore Nathaniel Richards, Scholar, to Kang, super evil time traveling conqueror.

It could lead up to another Avengers movie featuring Kang as the terrorizing villain! Of course there is always a chance that Marvel could go a completely different direction and actually feature the 'Iron Lad' version Nate Richards


Of course this version is a hero, not a villain. But it could be a pretty good way for Marvel to replace Iron Man in the MCU. After all, even though RDJ will have to retire from the role eventually, having a younger character similar to Iron Man would be much better (in my opinion) than keeping Iron Man but replacing the actor. (P.S Fox, do this for Wolverine, just have maybe Daken or something.)

Also since we're on the topic of Kang, why not check out my article on how Stan Lee could be Kang in the MCU.

Ah, shameless self promotion. ^_^

3. Fin Fang Foom

Iron Man's don't get any weirder than Fin Fang Foom! In addition to sounding like the giant's catchy tune in Jack and the Beanstalk, this gigantic dragon was awakened from his sleep and; like most people when they're woken up too early, goes on a monstrous rampage capsizing entire cities. No? Just me and Fin? Hm.

Anyway, this guy has tussled with Iron Man more times than you can count! Personally I'd love to see him get his own movie first, possibly with him terrorizing a city. Then, Iron Man can hear of the news and fight him in the next IM film! I recommend getting whoever did the breathtaking SFX for Godzilla!

Fin Fang Foom: The Next Kaiju!
Fin Fang Foom: The Next Kaiju!

2. The Orb

An evil thug running around with a motorcycle gang and wearing an eyeball shaped helmet that can hypnotize people?! Why is this guy not on the big screen already?! Because he's weird, really weird. Like "What the hell was this guy thinking when he made The Orb" weird. Also, he's a primary adversary of Ghost Rider.

But with Ghost Rider's rights possibly back with Marvel, there is a chance we could see this guy. His own movie is very unlikely, but perhaps we could see him feature on an episode of ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D!

NUMBER 1!!: Man-Thing!

Now this one's a little weird, well a lot weird actually. Man Thing isn't technically good or bad, but he's definitely a weird and dangerous threat to just about anyone who messes with him! Born from a mix of mystical energy and swamp mutagens and the ability literally sense fear, Man Thing is nothing to mess with!

Though he likes to stay isolated, he will try and kill you if he sense your fears. He also becomes sort of an accidental hero sometimes because he senses peoples bad intentions. But make no mistake, he's no good guy. He simply takes out bad guys a lot because he senses their fear and bad intentions. If a normal person sees him and has fear written all over him, he's dead. And be honest, would you be totally chill with seeing a humongous swamp creature in front of you?

Only Deadpool's that fearless!
Only Deadpool's that fearless!

And his weirdness doesn't stop there! He can also regenerate himself using organic materials around him! Which makes for an awesome idea: Man-Thing VS Groot! That would be an amazing film! Just have MT causing all kinds of misunderstood ruckus and have the Guardian's send the only one who can face this guy without a huge risk of swamp death; Groot!

That's Groot for "Prepare to be fertilized!"
That's Groot for "Prepare to be fertilized!"

So that was my 5 weird Marvel Villains we need to see in the MCU! Who do you want to see the most?


Who Do You Want To See?


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