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Films are what takes us from our everyday lives, and places us alongside our favorite characters or movie stars as they go on their awesome adventures. But before movies were like they are now, people would read comics for their amusement. And while several people still read comic books daily, most just stay on track with their favorite comic book movies to achieve the same effect instead. And Marvel of course has capitalized on that more than you probably think.

Bringing your favorite comic book characters to life on the big screen has brought about some of the most successful movies and actors. As well as bringing the superhero sub-genre to the forefront of the whole film industry. And with that I want to go over '3 Ways Marvel Has Changed The Film Industry'

1. Success

Marvel's garnered up a plan to not only make the ultimate comic book geeks go crazy, but to also rake in more money than you can count. How is this changing the film industry you ask? Well, just about every new Marvel film makes almost a billion dollars. And we can be 100% sure that these next several Marvel flicks are about to make more cash than ever before.

2. The Formula

Marvel is also the first to really dwell upon a fixed formula and created movie universe. For one of the first times ever in film, we can see our favorite superheroes and villains finally interact with each other on camera. And even though this might be old news now, it's still amazing to think about. Also, since this formula is so successful in the film world, it wouldn't be hard to think other genre's of film would capitalize on it. Think Horror movies or maybe your favorite Pixar flicks for instance. Wouldn't it be cool to see Freddy Krueger fight Jason and Michael Myers in the fiery depths of hell with Pinhead watching? Or maybe to watch Woody and Buzz Lightyear go on an adventure with Mr. Incredible deep under the sea with Nemo and Dory?.. Okay maybe that's to much, but you get my point..

3. Raising The Bar

Relating back to number 2 on this list, Marvel is definitely raising the bar sky high in the movie world right now. And 5 or 6 incredible action flicks aren't gonna cut it. It will take a well thought out plan, longevity, a mega amount of success, retained audience interest, and some damn good movies to at least get to Marvel's level right now. I think DC will put up a fair fight in the years to come though, we'll see..

And that's my list of 3 ways I think Marvel has changed the film industry. How do you think it's changed the movie world? Tell me below!


Has Marvel Impacted The Movie World In YOUR Opinion?

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