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While I was asleep (one of the downsides of being an Australian, you're typically in bed when all the cool stuff happens on the other side of the world) the Arrow Facebook page/Twitter put out some pretty awesome photos: our first look at Dinah Laurel Lance as Black Canary. (Modeled, of course, by Katie Cassidy).

Here they are!

She looks awesome. Sadly, there's still plenty of hate for her character, but that has seemed to disperse this season, which is excellent. If you truly can't find any reason to like her, I invite you to look at my earlier article, wherein you'll find a defense of her character, with the truth she's not a badly written one, and will probably - if you give her the chance - end up impressing you this season.

I should address here the primary concern, however- "she becomes a superhero after a couple of days?" The answer to that is, no, of course not! The show's filming is likely well up to the second half of the season now, and even in that respect, we just know that the costume has been designed for this season, not that she's actually worn it out yet. Between now and the time she actually puts it on in the show, all kinds of training - she's being trained by Wildcat himself, remember? - could happen. We also know Alex Kingston is set to return as Laurel's mother, Dinah Lance, in episode nine, now.

I reckon this looks awesome, it's more practical than what we originally see, and she probably won't wear it until past the mid-season point. Also, nowhere does it say she's a fully trained hero. So she's wearing a suit. Big deal. That means she has some moves, which she's always had, but that doesn't mean she's going to be at her peak now. That'll come in time. Give things a chance, people.

Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash

A while back we had a look at some alleged set photos of The Flash facing off against Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash, and concluded it'd probably be from the mid-season finale, Episode 9, this year. Today, it was announced this episode will indeed be called The Man in the Yellow Suit.

In other words, Zoom is confirmed to appear, and we'll meet him before Christmas. Anyone else living the dream as a superhero TV fan right now?

Here's a clip from tonight's Arrow to get you ready, courtesy of Variety:

Looking forward to it! And, finally, thanks to Jameson Thervilus on Facebook - not sure if he made it, but that's where I got it - here's what Team Arrow could look like by the end of the season.

Get excited:

Perfect blend of classic comic team and the show.
Perfect blend of classic comic team and the show.


Who do you think is behind that Zoom mask?


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