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Agents of Shield has finally found its footing and the second season is far superior than the last. We were promised many things from the second season such as Kraken and Mockingbird but we are constantly being teased as well. Who exactly is Skye's father? What does the Obelisk do? and more importantly...

What do those symbols mean? Well my guess was that they were a Kree language. I was close... sort of. Apparently they are a map to a certain place. And last nights episode of [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469) told us it's a city.

found in newsarama
found in newsarama

An unknown city and Coulson and his team are going to go find it. Only question is where is it? Well that's the fun part. Agent Coulson was injected with GH-325 which is basically the blood of a Kree with it, came many side effects, part of that side effect was the uncontrollable urge to draw the map, because that Kree was looking for that city. Know I could be wrong, but I'm assuming that this city is (drum roll please)...


Attilan! The home of the Inhumans.

So I'm going to give you a brief history of the Inhumans. Thousands of years ago when mankind was living in the stone age, the alien race the Kree (Ronan the Accuser and the alien of GH-325), came to Earth and experimented on the humans. While experimenting, they created a human race so advanced that they developed powers and intellect far superior to a normal human, thus they became Inhuman. When the Kree supposedly left, the Inhumans were disgusted with the ways Neanderthals reacted and moved far from civilization to a remote island southwest of Iceland in the Atlantic. There they named it Attilan and lived their in peace.

So hopefully, we might see members of the Inhuman Royal Family sooner than later.

So in the series, the Kree who was found dead in the show was looking for this city, maybe to study it. We don't know, but it is very possible. We can also believe that the Obelisk is either Kree or Inhuman, we'll learn more about eventually as the series progresses.

What do you guys think? Is it Attilan or just some random city? Let me know.


Is it Attilan, the home of the Inhumans?


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