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Earlier this week, actor Toby Kebbell sat down with Collider to discuss this past summer massive hit: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Kebbell, who played Dawn's villain, will be portraying another antagonist next summer; except this performance will come in the form of the iconic Doctor Doom. Kebbell stars in The Fantastic Four: the reboot directed Josh Tank which features Marvel's classic team in a new kind of origin (most likely following Marvel's Ultimate Universe). There has been very little on the film and details of Doom's role is no exception. However, thanks to this new interview, we now have a better idea of the villain in this upcoming reboot; and the details will not please fans.

According to Toby Kebbell, Doom is no longer Victor Von Doom but instead Victor Domachev and goes by the name Doom on various blogging sites. Kebbell also stated that the character is not the ruler of Latveria. Instead, Victor Domachev is a "anti-social programmer". These details have angered most fans as some may believe this drastic change will only tarnish both the character as well as the upcoming film. While changing the details to Doom's origins is drastic, this new development could very well be a good direction. You may think that I am crazy for suggesting such a thought, and jury is out on that accusation. Nevertheless, I think changing Doom's origin may be able to benefit the upcoming movie oppose to damaging its chances.

First there is the matter of Doom's last name. I cannot deny that changing the villain's name is a gambit as the word Doom is cemented with the character. However, part me understands why the filmmakers went with this decision as it seems to be a matter of practically. Figuratively , how many people would trust a man named Victor Von Doom? Perhaps the filmmakers believe that keeping Doom's name would take away from the movie's tone. So referring to Doom as Domachev may be a way for the villain to fit in a practical world. That kind of direction could be irritating for fans of the character, and their resentment is understandable. Yet perhaps the name change may not as drastic as we are led to believe. Lets say that Doom's Latvarian decent is still in the film (so far there is nothing that says it is not present). Maybe Domachev is actually Latverian for Doom. That may seem a little far fetched, but at this point anything is possible.

Then there is the matter of Doom being less of a ruler and more of a programmer. This direction for Doom may indicate that the film's plot is going to center around the college years of The Fantastic Four. However is having Doom as a programmer a bad move for the supervillain? Indicating that Doom is a "anti-social programmer" is indeed a title that does not fit the ruler of Latveria, but there is a chance that this direction could work. Doctor Doom is suppose to be a scientist. Granted a programmer can be different from a scientist, but the fact that this trait is there suggests that the filmmakers may be establishing Doom's intelligence. This direction may also be way for Victor to builds his suit. Doom's armor has always been known as a high tech battle suit (though mysticism plays a hand in the suit's creation). So with Doom being a programmer, that could be a means for the antagonist to create his iconic armor.

Last and not least the fact that Victor Doom (or Domachev) does not appear to be the ruler of Latveria. Though being a dictator is the villan's status quo, not having Doom as Latveria's leader right away may also be beneficial. Depending on what they do with Doom's nationality, and if the character is staying around for more films, building Doom's rise to power would be a better move for him then just having his rule over Latvaria be insinuated.

There is no denying that changing Doom's origin is a gamble for this upcoming blockbuster. However superhero movies have done this time and again, and sometimes it is for the best. So seeing changes like Doom going by Victor Domachev is not as shocking as some moviegoers may think. As of right now, it is hard to say whether or not these changes to Victor Von Doom will be effective. Even with these new details in front of us, there is still very little on this superhero reboot. For all we know, Doom's development could work in the final product of the film, or maybe it will hurt the villain's chances of being a solid antagonist. At the moment it is anyone's guess, however for the time being all I can say is this: Even though this is a different way to interpret Doctor Doom, hopefully this new origin can still do the supervillain justice.

[The Fantastic Four](movie:34667) hits theaters on August 7, 2015.


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