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MARVEL,a movie agency,an example of 'great movie creating'.We all know that marvel is the head of movie making,and has probably,i'm estimating here,about 5 billion dollars from making such great movies.Marvel is not just avengers and 'gotg' its much more,it has black panther,Doctor strange,Hulk,and a lot more.

Marvel has always made great movies and has always made their fans happy with what they watch at the theaters.Their movies are awesome,they have great story lines,exquisite character explanation,and amazing enemies/heroes.When friends ask 'hey,what movie do you wanna go see?' i answer with 'any marvel movie'.In my opinion,marvel movies are the best type of movies,and will always be awesome and entertaining.

Marvel has a crazy habit of putting scenes after their movie credits,and putting stan lee in every movie,and only true marvel fans will wait until they come on(hate seeing people leaving right away).There is an 'end credit scene' in every marvel movie,and my favorite is probably the one from 'Thor:the dark world'.It was cool,and it added 'the collector'who is a huge character in the marvel universe,but also because it had the introduction to 'the infinity stones'.Stan lee is in every film,if you can spot him.The latest marvel movie was 'the guardians of the galaxy' which was my favorite marvel film,in my opinion.It had an end credit scene of 'Howard the duck' who is a marvel character from the 80's.In my opinion,it was the worst end credit scene but you know,its cool,the movie was still awesome.

Now,marvel will live on forever,and hopefully,the creator,stan lee.I know,sad,he will die,but his awesome movie/comic agency will never die.Fans hope that marvel will continue their awesome movie making and will always want to see the movies.But i do have a question,what is your favorite marvel movie???


what is your favorite marvel movie???


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