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I've already showcased our first look at Harvey Dent next week, in the episode fittingly called Harvey Dent. It all looks very promising, and Gotham is certainly on its way up. Next week, we seem to be very focused back on the Wayne murder case with Bullock, Gordon and Harvey, as well as Bruce commencing his training.

The Flash

Not only did we see The Flash run up buildings this week, we saw him run across water- "that puts him in pretty interesting company" - and pretty heroically saving the day. That was fantastic and all, but then we met Gorilla Grodd, actually, properly, we saw his backstory, and the gorilla who who will one day be the Grodd we all fear. Next week, in 'The Flash is Born,' we face off against Girder, and from the looks of it, get introduced to one of the Flash's ultra punches. (We also had confirmation Professor Zoom would be in the show soon today.)


I loved this week's Arrow. (As someone with freedom of opinion, I'll actively tell you most people agreed it was a pretty awesome episode, with great dialogue, great character development, and a good story, so I'd tell you to disregard and ignore IGN's review of the episode this week. It is, in short, unfair.) For the first time in live action, we finally saw the sidekick/hero relationship absolutely nailed, in what was quite a touching moment between Roy and Oliver. Next week? We meet the crazed and psychotic Cupid, in what should be a lot of fun.

This isn't the extended promo, but as soon as we get one, I'll upload it. (It's probably come up while I write this, given my recent track record. Edit: What do you know, it actually did. Edited in now.)

Most importantly- we met the boxing glove arrow.

In what was, without a doubt, the greatest Easter egg in the history of Easter eggs. I can't have been the only person who actually cheered when I saw this.

In other Arrow/Flash news, we got our first (awesome) pictures of Katie Cassidy in her Black Canary costume this morning, and official confirmation that Professor Zoom will be coming to the show in just episode nine.

Black Canary, later this season in Arrow.
Black Canary, later this season in Arrow.


I still (shamefully) haven't watched Constantine, but as soon as I do, I'll be sure to post more on it. As soon as the promo for next week is up I'll pop it in, with the extended Arrow one.

Arrow/Flash New Info, Crossover/Midseason Finale

A while back I posted on what we should expect from the Arrow/Flash crossover, and we finally have news. The Flash side- Flash VS Arrow- will feature Team Arrow coming to Central City, where they'll face off against an unexpected rogue- Ray Bivolo, also known as Rainbow Raider. In the show, he'll manipulate emotions, which no doubt sets The Flash off on a rampage against the Arrow. However, the reason they're in Central is a deadly boomerang- enter The Brave and the Bold, where we'll meet Captain Boomerang, and the two teams will face off against him in Starling City. I think it's really good the shows will be polarized in their tones and poke fun at each other, and should make for some really good fun- before their midseason finales.

Which are, respectively, The Man in The Yellow Suit, for the Flash, and, for Arrow, The Climb. The descriptions are deliberately extremely vague, so all we know is the Flash involves a dinner with the Wests, and Arrow sees the return of Dinah Lance (Alex Kingston). We can probably expect (as is consistent with Arrow's last two seasons) a groundbreaking, establishing episode for the rest of the season, though.


Was the boxing glove arrow simply amazing?


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