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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Sure, kids often moan and groan about going to school, but these creepy abandoned schools would make even a full-grown adult scream.

Take a look at the eerily beautiful yet freaky photos from these desolate school buildings where you definitely would not want to be kept for detention...

The Ladd School

Address: Gaspee Road, Exeter, Rhode Island 02822 USA

Freaky Fact: The Ladd School used to be called the 'Rhode Island School for the Feeble-Minded' and fell into disrepute for neglecting students.


Tome School for Boys

Address: Tome Road, Port Deposit, Maryland 21904 USA

Freaky Fact: the Tome School has been abandoned since 1970 - plenty of time for some roaming serial killer to set up shop there...


John B. Bordon Grammar School

Address: 1205 Metropolitan Avenue SE, Atlanta, Georgia 30316 USA

Freaky Fact: John B. Bordon School is a popular spot for urban adventurers (i.e. people who like going snooping around crumbly abandoned buildings) - so you may have company if you go exploring...


Anderlecht Veterinary School

Address: 45-49 rue des Vétérinaires, Brussles, BRU 1070 Belgium

Freaky Fact: there are literally jars of pickled puppies and kittens moldering in the abandoned vet school - no wonder it's been nicknamed the 'Horror Lab'!


This is some spooky stuff... are there any creepy abandoned schools in your area?


If you had to, which of these creepy abandoned schools would you rather stay alone overnight in?

Source: Roadtrippers


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