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50 Shades of Grey has dropped two new posters and they are the most vanilla thing ever, or a seedy cesspit of filth, depending on how dirty your own mind is.

So, let's have a look at them under the microscope and dissect them through both a pervert and a purist's eyes. Because, why the hell not?

Alluring Anastasia

Purist: This young lady is clearly feeling a little bit anxious or suppressing a gigantic belch in polite company. Either way, she looks a bit uncomfortable. Bless her!

Pervert: The only way Anastasia can suppress the secret sex fox that is begging to be released is by biting her lip, and trust me, she knows exactly how damn sexy that is to everyone else.

That, or she is steeling herself for another spanking.

The Gorgeous Mr. Grey

Purist: This serious business type must be running late for work. He hasn't even had time to put his tie on. How sloppy!

Pervert: That tie is a penis. A big, huge phallic penis. And a whip. Or both. YASSSSSSS! Take me now!


Are you a purist or a pervert!

(Source: International Business Times)


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