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There are so many reasons HP fans love Harry Potter. There's magic, dragons, and werewolves; but wise Dumbledore repeatedly tells us that love is the most powerful force of all.

Check out these awesome proposals from Harry Potter fans who used the power of Potter to pop the ultimate question...

Put a Ring on It

For a pair of Potter fans, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a great place to propose, as Reddit romantic rockjb did with style. The warm-hearted guy bought a wand for his partner and put a ring on it.

I love his description of the effort and emotion that went into proposing:

We drove down 12.5 hours over night and got into the park early... we walked about Diagon Alley for a while and found that Ollivander's was still selling wands.
I bought mine (Voldemort) and her's The elder wand. She had always told me that, not having a super awesome father in her life, she looked up to Dumbledore as a father figure and so I knew this had to be the wand I proposed to her on!
I then asked a stranger to take a "picture" of us; however I had set my phone to record video and told them, "don't push ANY buttons just point it at us." Thats when I popped the question, got it on video (though she's asked me to keep that private for us).

It was awesome, I was shaking like a leaf from the adrenaline!


The Epic Treasure Hunt

When videographer Jaysin knew his girlfriend was a Harry Potter fanatic, there was only one way he was going to ask her to marry him! The thoughtful guy created a treasure hunt for her full of Harry Potter-themed riddles and clues...

...which finally ended with a charming treasure chest containing a Harry Potter book with a space cut out for the ring! Nice job, dude!

Check out the full video below:


The Duel

At a Harry Potter Universal Studios event, young couple Wesley and Rachael were entertaining kids with a HP-style wand duel!

However, as they stalked towards each other, wands outstretched, Wesley pulled off the ultimate sucker punch - he dropped to one knee and proposed! Since she said yes, I guess that's one duel they both win...


I certainly feel inspired by these examples of loved up Harry Potter fans going the extra mile to make each other feel magical... What do you think, guys?


Would you like to do a Harry Potter proposal for your significant other?

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