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So yeah... I'm gonna try my best to make this as professional as possible. This article is meant to be more of a question and response. I would like to know what you think?

Let's Begin

Happiness Vs. Success

I posed a question last week to a couple of friends where I asked, "what was more important happiness or success?" The response i received left me with even more questions than answers. One of my friends said, "sometimes you must leave happiness aside in order to succeed", I can understand that completely. I left all my friends to attend a school that I thought would help increase the odds of success for my future. I am not always happy but when I feel annoyed or when i begin to miss my friends, I try to remember my goals of success. I can't speak for all, but I do believe that most of us have to sacrifice happiness for success at some points in our lives.

These are my hypothetical goals:

1. Graduate.

2. Make enough money to support my family.

3. Make enough money to be comfortable and buy luxury items.

4. Last but not least: Be happy with my family.

I would like to reiterate that these are hypothetical, general, and prototypical goals. Most of us hope to make enough money one day so that we will never have to worry about money ever again, which i believe is a myth, but i will come back to this.

You've declared your goals but will they make you happy?

I mentioned earlier that i spoke to my friend about success versus happiness, and he told me happiness must be put on hold while we seek success. What happens if we seek success, and we wake up one morning and we have not met our expectations and visions for ourselves. We've sacrificed happiness, in the past, for future success and for the hope of "Future Happiness". I don't want to sound cynical but no one truly knows what will make us happy, therefore, future happiness should mean nothing because our expectations of ourselves will continue to increase, and humans tend to not be content with their own accomplishments. How do we know what will truly make us happy? Does this come with life experience or do we just settle into our lives?

What is the meaning of life?

One of the most common questions posed before death and while humans are trying to find themselves. I would like to say this question is one of the stupidest questions i have ever heard. My reasoning for this, every single individual doesn't breath the same air nor do we think the same thoughts. Why should there be one meaning? I say that the true question we should ask ourselves is, "what is my meaning", once you pose this question, people tend to figure out that when you narrow down the answers, you find more questions. If you find your meaning, will it keep you happy?

Poor man want to be rich
Rich man want to be king
And a king ain't satisfied
Till he rules everything
-Bruce Springsteen

This quote has brought many thoughts into my mind. It quickly analyzes our aspirations as competitive and driven humans. It also reminds me that my goals will continue to change, even though I am fairly young, and as my grandparent say, "ignorant", i don't believe that my goals will halt or that my questioning of what will keep me happy will change. Most of us are raised to aim high so why would we one day just randomly stop aiming?

Belief in the idea of an answer

I was raised believing that most of us have to believe in something whether it be religion or hope for the future. I hope that I don't end up believing in lifestyle. This song helps explain a few things---

Listen to it. Please. Thank you.

After you've listened

I try my best not to conform but i have learned that the more someone tries to be an individual, the more they end up being like everyone else. So... I have tried my best to do what i enjoy, spend time with whom I enjoy, wear what i want to wear, eat what i want to eat, and love whether or not i am loved back. Reynolds says in her song, "Little boxes all the same", meaning houses that people own in a neighborhood look the same. That is a scary thought to me, my reasoning for this. I have lived in one home my whole life and one day when I marry I intend to move into a new home with my spouse but does this mean I am going to be buy another "ticky tacky little house"? Will my life just be set at that point? I know how ridiculous this may seem, but I don't want a box that is the same, or a car that is the same, or a job that is the same. The reason behind this, I don't want to live a life that someone else is also living. I want to change, create, innovate; I don't want to copy and paste. I want to live for my kids but i don't want to settle or give-in for them. I want my kids to know I am leading the life that I want to lead so that they can lead a life that will make them "happy".

This is something I realized a long time ago, the more I read, think, travel, love, do, and not do--- The less i know. Questions that i didn't know i could ask, now haunt me.


For my generation

I hope and know that I am not the only lost kid of my generation, expected to do worse than my parents, that questions life. It is most likely one of the most common things. Cynical, hasty, ignorant.... maybe. In class, teachers would tell us that we were going to have to work harder than any generation before us because there are going to be very little opportunities for our generation, they also said that we are expected to be the first generation not to succeed above our parents. My last question, how do we prove our critics wrong?


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