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If you've ever wanted to see Adam Sandler magically transform into Method Man then your niche dreams are about to come true in The Cobbler!

The trailer has just dropped and this bizarre tale of a magic sewing machine that gives Sandler's character - a shoes repairman - the ability to live in the body of the original owner of the shoes looks like it will hit you right in the funny bone, and the feels.

In fact, I liked it so much that I've broken it down for you guys!

Shoe repair is clearly a tough business because Sandler is looking pretty damned haggard, and I'm surprised he's on this train and not under it.

Until he discovers a magical sewing machine in the basement that has the potential to whip his sad, depressing life into shape.

By changing him into Method Man...

...And a kind of almost lady, and anyone else whose shoes he cares to try on, really.

Which leads to some touching (and slightly weird when you think she's dancing with her son...) scenes involving reuniting his mother with his long absent father.

And, of course, the inevitable complications that magic can bring.

Of course, a video speaks a thousand pictures (or something like that), so check out the trailer below:


Were you impressed with The Cobbler trailer?

(Source: Geek Tyrant)


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