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News! There is concrete news regarding Telltale Games' upcoming (video) Game Of Thrones and it is as sweet as Arbor Gold and lemon cakes combined! Get ready...

You Can Learn A Lot From A Name

The first episode in the soon to come epic fantasy game will be called "Iron From Ice." Striking, no? The name must be a play on words seeing as House Forrester resides near Ironwood trees and also The Wall. Must be, right?

Welcome To House Forrester

As I called in my last article about the (video) Game Of Thrones, the game will indeed be putting us behind the eyes of five members of House Forrester, a family sworn to House Glover and House Stark.

During the War of the Five Kings, House Forrester is placed under some, currently, unknown threat and the fate of the house will lie upon the five playable character's actions. I'm guessing you'll be given an option to side with one of the warring factions. How very, very exciting!

When In The Lore Will It Happen?

The game will be set near to the close of the third season of Game Of Thrones, when that lovely wedding occurs.

Thus meaning North Westeros is in the hands of the dastardly Roose Bolton and his swear word of a bastard son, Ramsey Bolton (née Snow).

And it will end at the beginning of the fifth season. So it will basically cover seasons 3-5. Clever!

Where Will It Take Place?

Telltale's (video) Game Of Thrones will take us to House Forrester's homestead at Ironrath. which Telltale describes as "an imposing stronghold surrounded by towering ironwood trees. Built over fifteen hundred years ago by Cedric Forrester and his triplet sons, Ironrath is a testament to the strength and endurance of Ironwood." Fair enough!

The Forrester's controls the majority of the ironwood in the Wolfswood, which has given them a vast financial and strategic advantage. Much to the dismay of their closest rivals, House Whitehill. Tense.

The game will also take us to iconic Westeros locales such as King's Landing and The Wall. Hopefully Dorne as well, I can't wait to see their realization of there!


Unfortunately there isn't a release date as of yet, but Game Of Thrones: Iron From Ice will be a multi-platform release for PS3/4, Xbox 360/One, PC/Mac and iOS, with more formats to be revealed soon!

Hang in there, folks and remember...Winter Is still Coming...

(Source: Polygon)


Seriously, how excited are you for GoT: IFI?


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