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Damon and Stefan might be pushing 180 years old, but that isn't going to stop them going back to school in Season 6!

Ian Somerhalder has shared an image on Twitter that confirms that the Salvatore brothers will once more be darkening the door way of Mystic Falls high school.

While Damon and Stefan going back to school might be a little odd, what is even stranger is the fact they are back in Mystic Falls in the first place...

Does this mean that the Traveler spell will be broken in Season 6, or is this image just another flashback?

I'm tempted to say it will probably be the latter, but which scenes from the brothers' recent past could be important enough to revisit?

If you have any ideas, let me know in the comments below! I'm hedging my bets on something to do with the love triangle when it was at its most fiery...


Do you think Damon and Stefan going back to school will be a flashback?

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