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Nobody knows Caroline Forbes better than Candice Accola and it seems like the actress has her own thoughts on what will bring Stefan and Caroline together after the bumpy start of season 6.

The 27-year-old actress explained that she still thinks theres hope for Stefan and Caroline's shaky friendship, but she didn't mention the romance that Steroline shippers are hoping for. Accola told interviewers that:

I think Caroline and Stefan can redeem their friendship just because that’s what happens in life. Sometimes you can’t and friendships are just lost, but when there’s grief being experienced, that’s a good place to start in rebuilding their friendship because it brings reality to the situation. It’ll be interesting to see how they progress

But, what sort of tragedy would be needed to throw this pair back together again?

Seeing as Damon's and Bonnie's death and Enzo "killing" Stefan's new girlfriend failed to do the job, it will have to be a biggie.

Bring it on, season 6!


Do you think Steroline will happen?

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